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Hearty Quinoa & Rice Risotto

This is not the usual risotto. I wanted a flavorful dish with great texture and all the nutrients that whole grains have to offer. Plus it’s all made in one pot. Ingredients: 1 large yellow onion 1.5 cup short grain brown rice 1 cup quinoa 5 cup vegetable broth divided Served With (per serving): 2 cup baby spinach 1 avocado Directions: Sautee onion for 8 minutes on medium heat. Stir frequently Add brown rice and 3 cup vegetable broth. Cover. Reduce heat to medium low to simmer for 30 minutes. Stir occasionally Add quinoa and 2 cup vegetable broth and continue cooking for 15 minutes Remove from heat and let steam covered for 10 minutes Serve with a bed of spinach and avocado Nutrition: 510 Calories, 12.7 g Protein, 67.5 g Carbs, 15.8 g Fiber, 24.8 g Fat